I’ve always been one of those gym-goer people. But don’t get me wrong, I still have days where going to the gym or doing something ‘active’ is a chore. And if someone tells you they never have those kind of days, then they’re lying. We all do.

So can wearing activewear motivate us to be more active? From my experience, 100% yes. Sometimes the hardest part about going to the gym is actually the first step, getting changed into activewear. Pulling on the P.E Nation Scoreboard Sports Bra, paired with the P.E Nation Reformer Leggings and I instantly feel like I have to show off the outfit at the gym.

We associate activewear with being more active so by wearing it, we’re more likely to get moving through the day and studies show we are also more mindful about making healthy choices. It feels awkward to be in your activewear at the supermarket loading the trolley with chocolate and junk food! The best part about the P.E Nation activewear range, is that it’s not only great for the gym but is also smart enough to wear to work. Layer up with the P.E Nation Heads Up Sweat in Peach Bud and throw your laptop in your P.E Nation Away Game Bag and boom workwear ready to hit the gym straight after your day at work.

If you aren’t already convinced to change into your activewear, then there’s been some research done on this, just to back up my theory. A quote from Sarah McMahon, Director of BodyMatters Australasia and Psychologist: “By simply wearing activewear, we vicariously experience some the benefits of exercise by association. People report feeling fitter, healthier and even more active when wearing activewear, regardless of their actual behaviour”.

So I encourage you to try it for yourself. Pop on your favourite P.E Nation gear and tell me you don’t feel a little more motivated to hit the gym, go for a walk or simply make a few more healthy choices in your lifestyle. Hey, can’t hurt you to try it right?!


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