Before you go skiing or snowboarding, it’s important to set yourself up for a good day out. Getting the right pair of goggles can make your snow experience so much more enjoyable and keep you safer on the mountain. Snow goggles are an essential piece of equipment for anyone hitting the slopes, as they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, wind, and snow glare. However, getting the perfect fit can be tricky, so here's a guide on how to fit and select snow goggles.

Step 1: Choose the right size and shape

Snow goggles come in various sizes and shapes, and it's important to find a pair that fits your face properly. When trying on goggles, make sure they sit comfortably on your nose and cheeks without any gaps. If they're too small, they'll feel tight and could cause pressure points. If they're too big, they'll slide around, which can be dangerous when skiing or snowboarding.

Step 2: Adjust the strap

Once you've found a pair of goggles that fits well, adjust the strap to ensure a snug fit. The strap should be tight enough to keep the goggles securely on your face, but not so tight that it causes discomfort or leaves marks. You should be able to wear the goggles comfortably for an extended period. Best practice is to try goggles on with your helmet to ensure the height of the goggle fits under the helmet.

Step 3: Check the lens

Finally chose a lens that is appropriate for the weather you’re going out in. A darker or high light lens will be better on bright sunny days, while a lighter, low light lens will be better when it’s cloudy and foggy. A lot of goggles come with 2 lenses these days which you can interchange depending on conditions, others have one that changes with the light, and some come with one that cover a broad light spectrum for most conditions.

It's important you match the lens to the weather you’re going out in to have optimal vision out on the snow. Everyone likes to know where they’re going!

By choosing the right size and shape, adjusting the strap and selecting the best lens, you'll be able to find a pair of goggles that fits comfortably and securely and enhances your skiing or snowboarding experience.

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