Pit Viper The Monster Bull Polarized Double Wide Sunglasses

There are things in life that should never meet; Toothpaste and orange juice. Alcohol and BB guns. Beans and a job interview.

But every now and then an unholy union comes along that creates something awesome, like ligers. Hyped up on two different energy drinks we created the Monster Bull. Black frame, neon green splatter and our darkest polarized mirror lens - say no more.

UV Protection: 100%

Light Transmission: 7.5%

Lens: 1.2mm High Index Plastic

Look Thru Color: Blue

Frame Width: 5.86in (Merika) // 149mm (Metric)

 Frame Height: 2.35in (Merika) // 59.5mm (Metric)

 Nose Opening: 1.41in (Merika) //36mm (Metric)