Pit Viper The Hail Sagan 2000s Sunglasses

Samantha from third period said her cousin’s older brother told her if you light a candle, prepare an apple pie from scratch, and say “Hail Sagan” three times in the bathroom mirror, the man himself appears to tell you that we are all made of space stuff.

“These shades slap” - Carl Sagan, probably.

Now with an ANSI Z87+ safety rating, roomier fit, and redesigned ear and nose pieces. Built to accompany you on all your astronomical journeys. 

UV Protection: 100%

Light Transmission: 19%

Lens:  Z87+ Rated 2.2mm Polycarbonate

Look Thru Color: Grey/Blue

Frame Width: 5.66in (Merika) // 144mm (Metric)

Frame Height: 2.34in (Merika) // 59.5mm (Metric)

Nose Opening: 1.31in (Merika) // 33.5mm (Metric)