Pit Viper The Galapagos Sunset Exciters Sunglasses

Require more of your Pit Vipers. Introducing Dual Lens Technology™; 200% more lens than the original Pit Vipers. Or 100% more? Idk.

Featuring round lenses and protective Brook Shields, reminiscent to classic glacier glasses, The Exciters are Pit Viper’s most dangerous model to drive in.

Remarkably adjustable, featuring the E-Spot™ and now presenting state-of-the-art rubber touchpoints on the nose bridge and ear pieces, to ensure comfortable mountability all day long.

The Exciters, the first dual lens Pit Vipers.

UVA & UVB Protection: 100%

Lens: ANSI Z87+ Rated Polycarbonate

Light Transmission: 30%

Polarized: No

Look Thru Color: Pink

FRAME WIDTH: 5.86in (Merika) 149mm (Metric)

FRAME HEIGHT: 2.28in (Merika) 58mm (Metric)

NOSE OPENING: 0.78in (Merika) 20mm (Metric)