Pit Viper The Blue Ribbon Flight Optics Sunglasses

The Flight Optics, Pit Viper’s Dual Lens Technology™ sunglasses for the sky. Exit Row Comfort and Cockpit Clarity make this airport accessory the only First Class Pit Vipers.

- 100% UV protection

- Spring hinge arms

- No-slip grip ear and nose pieces

- Dual Lens Technology™

- RX compatible 

- Look Thru Color: Brown

- Light Transmission: 11%

- 2.2mm polycarbonate lens

FRAME WIDTH: 5.90in (Merika) 150mm (Metric)

FRAME HEIGHT: 2.36in (Merika) 60mm (Metric)

NOSE OPENING: 1.31in (Merika) 33.5mm (Metric)