Alpine Candles

Alpine Candles are made out of all natural, vegan, clean burning, coconut soy wax with a wooden wick. These type of candles are a healthier, eco-friendly alternative to the popular fuel based paraffin wax candles most big companies tend to use.

Since Alpine Candles is a natural handmade product, imperfections and inconsistencies are common and to be expected. Coconut soy in particular is very temperature sensitive, keep away from heat sources to prevent the wax from sweating. Alternatively, if the candles get too cold the wax may slightly pull away from the glass causing what looks like “wet spots.” This will usually return back to normal once the environment is no longer too cold. 


Fresh Tracks - Coconut

Boot Room - Grapefruit Lime

Poclet Lollies - Red Currant Sorbet

Liquid Luck - Cinnamon Whiskey

Apres Ski - Strawberry Champagne

Closed Day - Lavender

The Gaper - Ginger Slice

Flat White - Flat White

Burning instructions

ALWAYS trim wick to about 3 mm before lighting

Allow candle to burn until wax melts to edges of jar

Never burn for more than 4 hours at a time

Keep away from flammable objects 

Always burn within sight

Keep foreign objects out of candle